Upcoming Professional Development

The Belin-Blank Center is offering a learning opportunity that many of you won’t want to miss!  From December 28 – January 13, educators (or parents) can enroll in EDTL:4096:0WKA Topics: Nurturing the Potential of Twice-Exceptional Students: Practical Guidelines for Understanding and Supporting 2e Students

The commonly-used term for gifted students who also have disabilities is “twice-exceptional,” a simple phrase that does little to suggest the complexities in meeting the needs of twice-exceptional (2e) learners.  Participants will explore ways of better understanding and meeting the needs of 2e students, including developing academic strengths and facilitating social-emotional growth.

Dr. Alissa Doobay, the Supervisor of Psychological Services at the Center’s Assessment and Counseling Clinic, will facilitate this class, giving participants an excellent opportunity to focus on the twice-exceptional learners important to them.

Professional Learning in Spring Semester 2017

The Spring 2017 schedule is available for you to review!  There is a full schedule of opportunities, including one-, two-, and three-semester hour classes.  Coursework is available in all of the strands required for the State of Iowa Talented and Gifted Endorsement.

Learn more about registration as a Continuing Education student at the University of Iowa.  We welcome educators earning the endorsement, as well as anyone interested in the topics explored in our coursework.

Contact Dr. Laurie Croft with questions.

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