Services at the ACC: Individual Therapy

We get a variety of questions about what our Assessment and Counseling Clinic does and how to know if a particular service is right for a given child.  This week, we’re focusing on the services the Clinic provides, the people who provide them, and how to know if your child could benefit.  Today, we’re focusing on individual therapy.

Dr. Jon Goodwin, Postdoctoral Scholar

Dr. Jon Goodwin, Postdoctoral Scholar

One option at the ACC is individual therapy, provided by Dr. Jon Goodwin, Ms. Lianne Gann, and Ms. Nikki Grunewald.  Drs. Alissa Doobay and Joyce Goins also see therapy clients.  Common reasons families seek therapy include anxiety or mood concerns, behavioral challenges, addressing symptoms of ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, developing coping skills, addressing problems with peer relationships and building social skills, adjustment to life transitions, and helping parents develop behavior management strategies.  With individual therapy, the client is the child and therapeutic strategies aim to address either the child’s concerns or concerns the parents have about the child.

Parents are often involved in at least some aspects of the counseling so that they can reinforce strategies the child learns in session and possibly make changes to certain parenting practices to promote change in the child’s behavior.

We provide both short and long-term therapy.  Individual therapy by a practicum student or postdoctoral scholar is $10 per session out of pocket (fee is not submitted to insurance).  Our practicum students are here for one year at a time, but if a client wants to work with us beyond that time, we will work with them to transfer to another provider in the clinic.

Scheduling is managed by Nancy Whetstine, our clinic secretary.  Appointments take place in the Clinic.

Could individual therapy help your child?  You can request an appointment through our online intake form.

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