Services at the ACC: Family Therapy

We get a variety of questions about what our Assessment and Counseling Clinic does and how to know if a particular service is right for a given child.  This week, we’re focusing on the services the Clinic provides, the people who provide them, and how to know if your child could benefit.  Today, we’re focusing on family therapy.

Nathan Hough

Nathan Hough, Graduate Student

This week, we’ve already talked about individual therapy, in which the child is the client and the focus is mostly on their individual needs.  In family therapy, the whole family is the client as opposed to one child. Therefore, the whole family is usually involved in the work, although this can vary to some degree based on the needs of the family.

The goals for this kind of therapy are usually to improve ways the family members communicate and relate to each other, as well as to address specific areas of concern.

Nathan Hough, doctoral student in Couple and Family therapy, has experience in working with families of high ability students presenting with a variety of issues, including twice-exceptionality, sibling conflict, and complex mental health concerns.

Family therapy is currently free. If a family indicates interest in this service, their information is shared with Armeda Wojciak, faculty in the Couple and Family Therapy (CFT) doctoral program, and then scheduling is handled by the individual therapist (currently, Nathan). Supervision is provided by the CFT faculty, but Belin-Blank Center psychologists are available for consultation with the CFT student as needed. Appointments take place in the Assessment and Counseling Clinic.

Does family therapy sound like a good fit for your family?  You can request to participate in family therapy through our online intake form.

[EDIT, September 2017]: We are now asking that families schedule directly with Dr. Jacob Priest.  To schedule an appointment, please contact Dr. Priest at or 319-335-6044.

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