Services at the ACC: Consultation

We get a variety of questions about what our Assessment and Counseling Clinic does and how to know if a particular service is right for a given child.  This week, we’re focusing on the services the Clinic provides, the people who provide them, and how to know if your child could benefit.  Today, we’re focusing on consultations.


Dr. Alissa Doobay, Supervisor of Psychological Services

We’ve discussed a variety of services available through the Clinic this week.  From individual therapy to social skills groups to assessment, there are a variety of ways to meet the emotional and psychological needs of high-ability and twice-exceptional students.

Sometimes, however, parents have a very specific question about a single issue, set of test scores, or prior evaluation.  This is where a consultation can be useful.

Joyce Goins, Staff Psychologist

Dr. Joyce Goins, Staff Psychologist

Drs. Alissa Doobay and Joyce Goins can provide a record review (analyzing existing test scores and records) or one-time appointment to discuss specific concern in these cases.

Could a consultation help your child?  You can request an appointment through our online intake form.

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