New Test Scores Tool for Iowa Educators [UPDATE]

Update October 25, 2021: Unfortunately, ITP’s tool is no longer available.  However, we are currently working on a new possible way for educators to quickly determine which students might benefit from taking an above-level test.  Interested in helping us test out a new Google Sheets-based spreadsheet?  Have ideas for ways to make the process easier?  Let us know at

In collaboration with Iowa Testing Programs, we’re proud to announce a new way for Iowa teachers to find students who could benefit from an above-level test.  Educators in Iowa who have access to eITP can now run lists of students who qualify for above-level testing (administering a test designed for older students to younger students).  The tool creates a list of students who scored highly enough on their Iowa Assessments that they would benefit from the additional challenge of an above-level test.  To learn more about above-level testing, please visit

A preview of the new feature. If you have access to your school’s Iowa Assessments scores, you can use the tool at

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