Credit for the NAGC Conference, Best Practices in Differentiation, and More

The Belin-Blank Center still has upcoming professional learning opportunities this fall!

If you attend the National Association for Gifted Children Conference this year in Charlotte, North Carolina (November 9 – 12), the Belin-Blank Center is offering Leadership in Gifted Education: NAGC 2017 for either one or two semester hours of credit; this workshop is offered from November 16 – December 8.  The Center provides an automatic 50% tuition scholarship, applied to the cost of graduate tuition, for those participating in this conference credit.

Our final one-hour workshop this fall is Differentiated Instruction for the Gifted, beginning on November 13 and ending on December 5.  Be sure to share the availability of this workshop with teachers who would benefit from information focused on best practices in differentiating for high-ability learners.

Educators completing their endorsements still have time to sign up for the practicum experience beginning on November 6.

Please visit the in November to see what professional learning opportunities are available this spring; if you have a topic that you would like to see offered, please contact Dr. Laurie Croft at either or  319-335-6148.  And for some of the best informal professional learning in the field today, please join our gifted-teachers listserv.  To subscribe to the list, send an email to LISTSERV@LIST.UIOWA.EDU and, in the text of your message (not the subject line), write: SUBSCRIBE GIFTED-TEACHERS First-Name Last-Name.  You can also join our new Gifted Education and Talent Development Ning, designed to extend the topics discussed on the listserv, for another tool to facilitate professional development in gifted education.

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