Rural Iowa STEM Teachers Learn from a Legend in Gifted Education

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We were honored to have Dr. Joyce VanTassel-Baska join our professional development event for our new Javits-funded project, Educators Nurturing Talent Identification and Career Exploration (ENTICE). The project seeks to help educators identify and serve underrepresented and under-resourced talented students. Dr. VanTassel-Baska also did a crossover presentation about the Integrated Curriculum Model with both STEM Excellence (a separate but related program) and ENTICE educators.  In addition to being a valuable resource for these educators, she is one of two evaluators for the grant.  Originally, the Javits-funded program was called TICE, but the participating educators made the addition of “EN” during the event!

The 2018 STEM Excellence teacher professional development event overlapped with ENTICE’s schedule.  This was the fourth year of this successful event. Over thirty teachers and administrators were in attendance. Attendees participated in a variety of workshops on topics ranging from student career development, identification of and interventions for twice-exceptional learners, reinforcing math concepts using computer science, and argument-based strategies for STEM-infused science teaching. Teachers, facilitators, and the STEM Excellence researchers spent time engaging in in-depth conversations about the STEM Excellence programs at their schools. They shared ideas and lesson plans for innovative STEM practices that their middle school students have engaged in, and they planned for future lessons that would best prepare their students to take challenging and advanced STEM course work in high school and beyond.

Thank you to all of these educators for their work in bringing new opportunities to high-ability Iowa students!

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