Message from the Director: Clarity During Confusing Times

The director’s message typically offers a brief reflection of the recent past and hints about the near future. However, as I write this October message, the observation that hindsight is 20/20 looms large. As is true for every one of us, the reality of 2020 contrasts sharply with the ambitious vision I suggested one year ago.  This observation led me to question whether clarity is possible when the times appear confusing.

Below is a snapshot of four goals I had anticipated the Belin-Blank Center would achieve by this time in 2020. 

  1. An abundance of opportunities for educators, students, and families.
  2. Expansion of commuter programming to 8th graders.
  3. Experience of a dynamic in-person summit on the neuroscience of twice-exceptionality.
  4. Extensive scholarship related to our comprehensive research agenda.

Did the confusion caused by the ongoing health, economic, social, and environmental crises obscure those goals?   

Not exactly. I discovered an essential filter through which I now view the future: the “optimism” filter. Through this filter, I can see the unwavering hopefulness and collective energy demonstrated by our very talented faculty and administrative, clerical, and graduate staff.  Our professional team never lost sight of the need to stay safe and healthy to continue focusing on our primary aim of nurturing potential and inspiring excellence.  

Did the confusion caused by the ongoing health, economic, social, and environmental crises enhance our focus?   

Yes, to some extent. These crises have been, and likely always will be, a part of our reality. The experiences of the past months have made clear that some issues must remain central to the Belin-Blank Center’s vision for our programming, services, and research.  We will stay dedicated to addressing them through all aspects of our work.

As a Belin-Blank Center staff member for three decades, I can draw upon experience to remain optimistic about the near future. In the coming weeks and months, we will: 

  1. Continue to offer meaningful opportunities for educators, students, and families, thanks to technology;  
  2. Utilize our decades of online learning experience to create new online elementary, middle, and high school programs; 
  3. Host a dynamic virtual summit on the neuroscience of twice-exceptionality; 
  4. Make our scholarship more relevant to the most significant crises facing us today and in the future.  

We already have many exciting developments on these fronts. This fall alone, we have created an unprecedented four brand-new student programs designed to accommodate learners both during the pandemic and afterward. (Check out the Writers’ Room, the Coders’ LabCoding with Python, and Enrichment Expeditions!) In the spring, we will add a host of online student competitions. Keep an eye out for news on Invent Iowa, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

We have an extensive catalog of online professional learning courses for educators and those seeking a TAG endorsement. Planning for our online Summit on the Neuroscience of Twice-Exceptionality is well underway, and we are looking forward to lively discussions of research and networking opportunities in May.  

Though life remains unpredictable and often confusing, every crisis holds opportunity. We hope you will join us in the new opportunities we are creating for you. 

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