Springing into More Professional Learning

Dr. Laurie Croft, Associate Director for Professional Development

“Spring semester” began long before spring, and a few of our classes are already under way, but we have several classes coming up. The 19th-century Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, said, “Spring is the time of plans and projects.”  We want your plans to include professional learning with the Belin-Blank Center!

The Center, in partnership with the University of Iowa College of Education, offers both “extension” classes and “workshops.”  The “extension” classes, usually either 2 or 3 semester hours, have course numbers that end with something like 0EXW, and they unfold over several weeks.  The “workshops,” either 1 or 2 semester hours, have course numbers that end with something like 0WKA, and they are scheduled over three-week periods. Everything is fully online, and most workshops tend to be completely asynchronous, while most extension classes tend to be organized so that work is required each week.

The next extension class available to you is EDTL:4066:0EXW, Curriculum Concepts in Gifted Education (3 semester hours; Mar 22 – May 14); one of my favorite classes (and I get to teach this one), Curriculum Concepts explores various curriculum models, curriculum needs of gifted learners, and introduces options for differentiation.

Our upcoming one-semester-hour workshops address issues we know are important to you:

The following workshops are considered summer term at the University, so enrollment has to be for summer rather than for spring:

  • PSQF:4128:0WKA – Neuroscientific Implications for Gifted Ed: Neuroscience of Twice-Exceptionality (May 20 – Jun 10)
  • EDTL:4022:0WKA – Math Programming for High-Ability Learners (May 25 – Jun 14)

Practicum is available every semester; email educators@belinblank.org for permission to enroll.

Get Registered

To participate in our classes, you must register one time each year with Distance and Online Education as a non-degree seeking student.  For the State of Iowa Endorsement in Talented and Gifted Education, you may register as either a graduate or undergraduate student, regardless of your professional status; if you won’t benefit in other ways from the graduate credit, you can save tuition dollars.  Once you have your HawkID and password, you can follow the directions to register for the courses that interest you the most at belinblank.org/educators/reg.  All of our classes fulfill strands required for endorsement.


Email educators@belinblank.org with questions about any of our upcoming classes.

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