IOAPA AP® exam scholarship winners

This year, the Belin-Blank Center was pleased to continue receiving funding to offer scholarships for AP® Exams for IOAPA students with financial needs. IOAPA mentors were able to submit applications to receive this funding. The purpose of these scholarships is to pay for the cost of AP® exams for low-income students in rural schools who are currently participating in IOAPA courses. We typically offer these scholarships once in the fall and again in the spring to extend this opportunity to students in both full-year and one-semester courses.

This year we have been able to award over 50 scholarships! We are pleased to congratulate the following school staff who applied for these scholarships for their students!

  • Jadyn Schutjer, Emmetsburg High School
  • Joan Enockson, Estherville Lincoln-Central High school
  • Molly Sterner, Oskaloosa High School
  • Laurie Eyre, Maharishi School
  • Paulina Rodenburg, Glenwood Community High School
  • Jill Janes, Boone High School
  • Patti Kuennen, Oelwein High School
  • Taryn Mottet, Ottumwa High School
  • Hollie Weber, Central Lee High School

Congratulations to all the IOAPA students who received AP® exam scholarships this year! We wish them the best of luck on their AP® exams and other academic endeavors. As funds permit, we will continue to offer these AP exam scholarships. Be on the lookout next year for more information about the application process.

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