ACT: Not Just for High Schoolers Anymore

We are delighted to report that young students are once again permitted to take the ACT. This opportunity had been limited due to the pandemic.

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What’s this all about? The ACT, the test that many students take in 11th or 12th grade as part of the college admissions process, has been used for almost 40 years to discover younger students who are ready for greater academic challenges. We recommend that 7th-9th grade students who have already performed very well on grade-level achievement tests (such as the Iowa Assessments) be encouraged to take the ACT. They can take this test through a university-based talent search, including the one offered by the Belin-Blank Center. The Belin-Blank Center provides a detailed, individual interpretation of test scores that is tailored to the 7th-9th graders taking the test.

What can you do with the information? The ACT score interpretation provided by the Belin-Blank Center can be used to help students, teachers, and families to understand their aptitudes. Students’ scores may qualify them for a wide variety of academic opportunities, including subject acceleration, grade-skipping and even early entrance to college (for example, the Belin-Blank Center hosts the Bucksbaum Academy, which is an early entrance to college program for students who have completed 10th or 11th grade).

Does this sound like a good fit for a student you know? Our website has more details about the process.

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