An Opportunity for Educators New to Gifted Education

The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank Fellowship Program in Gifted Education is a preeminent professional development program in the field of gifted education. Launched by Dr. Nicholas Colangelo, the program was intended to help educators better understand the nature and needs of gifted learners. This summer’s Fellowship will be its 43rd year of introducing educators to the field.

Applications open in early March. Please share information about the program with colleagues who are interested in meeting the needs of advanced learners but have little preparation to do so!  We are especially interested in recruiting teacher leaders for the Fellowship. These educators are in a unique position to share evidence-based information about gifted/talented learners with multiple teachers in their buildings and districts. We continue to welcome applications from teachers who have realized they need greater understanding to help those students who finish their work early and already know much of the grade-level content.

The Fellowship will be held from July 17 – 21, 2023. The Fellowship provides room and board to participants, and we ask districts to pay $250 to cover the costs of materials and presenters. Participants can choose to enroll for two semester hours of academic credit, which fulfill hours in the Psychology strand of the State of Iowa Gifted and Talented Endorsement. Participants receive an automatic 50% tuition scholarship (as determined by cost of graduate tuition; those who register as undergraduates receive a smaller scholarship).

We will send information to superintendents and school principals when the application period opens, so be sure to ask those gatekeepers for the information when it arrives. The Belin-Blank Fellowship is professional learning at its best! Visit to read more.

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