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What Are the Post-Secondary Advantages of Enrolling in AP Coursework in High School?

One of the clear advantages of enrolling in AP coursework while still in high school is the possibility of earning college credit with satisfactory performance on AP exams. (Click here to see how AP exam scores are applied to college coursework at area colleges and universities).

However, a recent study is the latest in a growing body of research to suggest that the benefits of enrolling in AP coursework may go beyond earning college credit on the AP exam. Ackerman, Kanfer, and Calderwood (2013) studied the college transcripts of all incoming freshman in the fall of 2009 at Georgia Tech University. Their examination of AP course-taking information coupled with first-year GPA indicates that the number of AP exams students take, along with scores of 3 or better, was correlated with a higher GPA when compared to students who had not taken any AP exams.

Image from Ackerman, Kanfer, and Calderwood (2013).

Image from Ackerman, Kanfer, and Calderwood (2013).

Similarly, high school students taking AP exams and earning scores of 3 or better also had a higher 4- and 5-year graduation rate, when compared to students who had not taken any AP exams.

Ackerman, Kanfer, & Calderwood. (2013). High school advanced placement and student performance in college: STEM majors, non-STEM majors, and gender differences. Teachers College Record. 115(10). 1-43.

Are You Ready for AP Exams?

A few days ago we showed you how students were prepping for AP Exams across the state of Iowa. But now, its time to get down to business!  The AP exams start Monday.  Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know:


Exam Dates/Times:

Wednesday, May 7

8am: Calculus AB

Noon: Chinese Language and Culture


Thursday, May 8

8am: English Literature & Composition

Noon: Japanese Language and Culture & Latin


Friday, May 9

8am: English Language & Composition

Noon: Statistics


Monday, May 12

8am: Biology & Music Theory

Noon: Physics B & Physics C: Mechanics


Tuesday, May 13

8am: U.S. Government & Politics

Noon: French Language and Culture & Human Geography


Wednesday, May 14

8am: German Language and Culture & U.S. History

Noon: European History


Thursday, May 15

8am: Macroeconomics & World History

Noon: Italian Language and Culture & Microeconomics


Friday, May 16

8am: Comparative Government and Politics  & Spanish Literature and Culture


Getting Your AP Scores

Your AP exam scores will be available for viewing starting in July.  Make sure you’ve taken these steps so you’ll be able to view your scores online as soon as they become available!

  1. During Exam Time—Fill in all of the information your exam sheets completely and consistently.  If you’re taking more than one exam and you enter different names (nickname vs. formal name) for different tests, your scores won’t all be in the same place when you go to find them!
  2. Before July—Sign up for a College Board account.  Make sure the information you provide on this account exactly matches the information you wrote on your AP exam sheet.
  3. In July—Remember your username & password and your AP number!
  4. Students logging in to their College Board accounts from the state of Iowa will be able to access their score information starting Sunday, July 6th at Noon CST.

AP Exam Review Slots Available

The Iowa Online Advanced Placement (APTM) Academy allows Iowa students to take APTMclasses online. The Iowa Online AP Academy is especially meant for rural schools that do not have the resources to support APTM classes. Educators can learn more here.


Only one month to go until AP exams (see AP Calendar here)! No need to fear, though, students and teachers—there are still AP Exam Review slots available.  All Iowa schools are welcome to participate.

AP Exam Review is available for the following AP courses:  Calculus AB, Statistics, Physics B, Psychology, English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, U.S. Government and Politics, U.S. History, Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish.

Schools can set up users through one of two ways:

Option 1: Site coordinators can create a Classroom through their Iowa Online AP Academy account. Site coordinators may then add students to each AP Exam Review subject class they create. To add or edit a Classroom for AP Exam Review, sign in through Apex and click on the Classroom tab. The Exam Review should be the only class showing. Click on the “Add a Classroom” button on the right and follow the prompts to add the class, select the exam review content, and add students.

Option 2, must be used by schools enrolling 25 or more students: The school must send an Excel file listing all students who will enroll to Support at Apex Learning. List each student on a single line, and indicate the AP Exam Review course(s) in which the student will enroll by product code. If the student plans to enroll in multiple Exam Reviews, separate each course product code by commas. Attach your completed Excel file to an email addressed to support@apexlearning.com. Use the email subject line: IOAPA – {School Name} AP Exam Review Student List. If a school has more than 25 students to enroll, please contact the Apex Learning Support team for information on bulk registration/enrollment.

If you have questions about signing students up for AP Exam Review, you can contact Lori Hudson at lori-hudson@uiowa.edu or 319-335-6148.