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B-BC Recognizes Top-Performing Advanced Placement (AP) Schools

Dr. Nicholas Colangelo

Dr. Nicholas Colangelo, Director, Belin-Blank Center

One of the things I like best about my job as director of the Belin-Blank Center is recognizing Iowa’s schools for their efforts at developing the talents of high-ability students.

The just-released 2011 Iowa AP Index does just that. It recognizes the top 50 Iowa schools in terms of AP exams given. The Index says “well done” to these schools for seeing to it that rigorous, college-level opportunities are available to students.

Congratulations to the top-performing Iowa high schools in this year’s 2011 Iowa AP Index! This year’s #1-ranked school is George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids. Rounding out the top 5 schools are Kennedy High School (#2, Cedar Rapids), Regina High School (#3, Iowa City), West High School (#4, Iowa City), and Ames High School (#5, Ames).

See iowaapindex.org for a list of the Top 50 schools, details on how the Index is calculated, and a discussion of the benefits of participating in the AP Program.

We congratulate all the Iowa schools that provided AP opportunities for their students, and we applaud students for stepping up to the academic challenge. We encourage high schools to continue their efforts at offering AP courses and other college-level curriculum (such as through dual enrollment and concurrent enrollment programs).