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Iowa Online AP Academy News Review: Technology in the Classroom

The Iowa Online AP Academy (IOAPA) is a great example of how technology is used to provide advanced learning opportunities for students. As a self-contained program, IOAPA offers students an independent setting for online learning, and given the increasing trend of online education, this can help prepare students for higher education. How else can teachers use technology to work for their students? Click on the links to read recent articles covering technology in the classroom at all levels:

  • NPR recently covered the use of different apps in the classroom, ranging from student polling systems to behavior monitoring.
  • Scientific American discusses how video gaming might be making the leap from entertainment to education.
  • KQED’s Mind/Shift blog describes efforts to research how technology is the classroom contributes to desired outcomes.
  • The New York Times recently covered issues with increased technology and impacts on privacy.
  • Another Scientific American article mentioned the need for constant re-evaluation and planning for classroom technology.