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Share Your Acceleration Policy Successes

Dr. Maureen Marron

Dr. Maureen Marron,
Associate Research Scientist,
Institute for Research & Policy on Acceleration

In my overview of the Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration (see previous entry), I made special mention of IRPA’s support for districts and states to develop acceleration policies and practices.

Without a doubt, there are many current and serious conversations about education, from school budget cuts to accountability issues to the elimination of gifted programs. At the same time, there are some bright spots for gifted students all across Iowa and throughout the country, and we want to shine a spotlight on your school’s successes with acceleration policy.

We invite you to share with us how your school has made acceleration work. Is your school currently writing an acceleration policy? Does your school have an existing acceleration policy that you can share? What tips do you have for making sure that the policy is effectively implemented? Send news of your school acceleration success to me, Maureen Marron, at maureen-marron@uiowa.edu.

In turn, IRPA will share your ideas and policy links in a new “District Policies” section on the IRPA Website (www.accelerationinstitute.org/).