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Curious About Research?

Do you know academically talented teenagers who show curiosity or promise in doing research, or are you one yourself? Then you need to know about the Perry Research Scholars Institute (PRSI), where students can experience lots of different types of research happening at a top public research university!

Students in grades 8–10 (academic year 2017–2018) may apply for the Perry Research Scholars Institute (PRSI), a two-week residential summer academic program at the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center.

At PRSI, students will participate in seminars with university faculty, tour their research facilities, and study their publications. While students will spend some of their time learning advanced lab techniques, they will not be conducting original research in this program. Rather, they will be granted an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at research while it’s happening, in fields such as anthropology, business, education, engineering, medicine, psychology, sustainability, and more. This “backstage pass” approach will help students develop an understanding of research that extends well beyond bench science.

During off-hours, students can expect plenty of fun getting to know other bright teenagers who are also interested in research! They will even experience an authentic taste of life on a university campus, complete with two weeks of living with a roommate in the residence halls. Evening activities include special seminars, off-campus field trips, and cultural and recreational activities. Social events are scheduled, and students will be granted access to the University of Iowa libraries, computer facilities and study areas.

Don’t miss this unique chance to see how research works, up close and personal; experience college life for two weeks; and meet new friends with similar abilities and interests! Applications are open through March 16 at www.belinblank.org/students. The program will run from July 8–July 20, 2018.

summer program students looking at university science research

Looking for more research programs for high school students? Check out the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) and the Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP). PRSI is great preparation for programs like these!


Iowa Online AP Academy News Review: Technology in the Classroom

The Iowa Online AP Academy (IOAPA) is a great example of how technology is used to provide advanced learning opportunities for students. As a self-contained program, IOAPA offers students an independent setting for online learning, and given the increasing trend of online education, this can help prepare students for higher education. How else can teachers use technology to work for their students? Click on the links to read recent articles covering technology in the classroom at all levels:

  • NPR recently covered the use of different apps in the classroom, ranging from student polling systems to behavior monitoring.
  • Scientific American discusses how video gaming might be making the leap from entertainment to education.
  • KQED’s Mind/Shift blog describes efforts to research how technology is the classroom contributes to desired outcomes.
  • The New York Times recently covered issues with increased technology and impacts on privacy.
  • Another Scientific American article mentioned the need for constant re-evaluation and planning for classroom technology.