Scholarships and Programs for IOAPA Students

While the end of the year is often a time for looking back on the year that’s passed, it’s also a time for looking and planning ahead for the summer and the coming year. We’ve rounded up some relevant programs and scholarships for IOAPA students, from incoming sixth graders to college-bound seniors. Please note that inclusion on this list does not indicate an endorsement by the Belin-Blank Center or the University of Iowa.

Summer Programs for IOAPA Students

  • Belin-Blank Center Summer Programs: The Belin-Blank Center has a wide variety of residential opportunities for students in grades 6 through 11, including advanced courses in areas of interest, advanced research opportunities, and immersive residencies in art and writing. Information regarding these programs is available at, and nomination materials for most programs will become available shortly.
  • Residential Summer Programs Across the Country: The Davidson Institute compiled a list of residential summer programs for high ability students all over the country. View the list here.
  • Summer Day Camps Across the Country: The Davidson Institute has also compiled a list of day camps for high ability students arranged by state. This list is available here.

Scholarships Relevant to IOAPA Students

  • Scholarships for Gifted Students: The Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page has a section devoted to college scholarships, some of which are relevant to high ability students. In addition, the Davidson Institute has lists of scholarships for younger gifted students and older gifted students for attending summer enrichment programs or recognizing achievements.
  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarships: The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has many ways to meet the needs of high ability students, including scholarships for students in middle school and high school. The College Scholarship application period has ended for this year, but will be available again next September.
  • Scholarships for Rural Students: There are a number of scholarships specifically for rural students. Some opportunities include the Hagan Scholarship Foundation, the Foundation for Rural Service, and the America’s Farmers: Grow Ag Leaders scholarship.

Additional programs and scholarships may be available through local companies, schools, and universities. It’s never too early to plan for the future – hopefully this list will help jump start your planning!

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