Tools for Advocating for Gifted Students

Effective Advocacy for Gifted Students

Both parents and teachers may find themselves advocating for gifted students. Many resources for effective advocacy can be found online. For example,

  • The Hoagies’ Gifted website is one of the best places to look for information on “all things gifted.”  The portion of the site dedicated to advocacy is
  • Some of our favorite blogs are gathered together on the Hoagies’ Gifted site under the umbrella, Blog Hop on Gifted Advocacy: Some tips include:
    • Don’t focus on the past,
    • Take the other person’s perspective, and
    • Try to make the teacher’s life easier while advocating for your child.
  • The National Association for Gifted Children has developed an Advocacy Toolkit ( for individuals and groups working to improve gifted education programs and services. They recommend (1) know your information, (2) maximize your impact, and (3) work with the media. They provide detailed information for each of those three steps.
  • The Davidson Institute provides recommended readings about educational advocacy:
  • If you would like to learn more about advocating for academic acceleration, the best-researched method for challenging gifted students, consider attending the Belin-Blank Center Advanced Leadership Institute July 24-26, 2016. A portion of the conference will be devoted to effective advocacy as well as policy issues.  The conference will
    • Provide the talking points for your work with administrators
    • Give you the opportunity to talk to people who have “been there,” and
    • Help you to learn about the tools that others have used successfully in their advocacy.

For more information and to register, see:

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