Gifted Education and Talent Development Ning

In 2008, Adam Penenberg described a Ning as a collection of free social networks, “growing automagically.”  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning wrote in 2012 that Nings provided “great social networking for educators…where they can meet up with other like-minded teachers,” listing some popular educational Nings about a variety of educational topics.  Educational Networking has provided a much more extensive list of opportunities online, including Nings, among all kinds of resources (from “Buddy Press” to “Vocational”).

Since 2003, the Belin-Blank Center has hosted one of the largest and most active listservs for advocates for gifted students (including teachers, administrators, parents, and university faculty, with subscribers from Iowa, from all around the United States, and from a variety of other nations) and for best practices in the development of their talents.  The Gifted-Teachers listserv has attracted over 1,100 subscribers, and it provides members with peers who can respond to questions, both on the list and directly to the email of those who ask questions.  While many teachers of the gifted have few “true peers” in their buildings to talk about topics important to gifted, the listserv offers a community—and “just-in-time” learning when a teacher hopes to find an answer as quickly as possible.  Now, to complement the listserv, the Center has created a Gifted Education and Talent Development Ning, hoping to provide a resource for many of the questions that appear on the listserv and extend the learning opportunities.

The Ning is a free resource for those interested in gifted/talented education, and we welcome your participation, your additions to the site, and your recommendations to make it as helpful as possible.  Please visit  In the top right-hand corner, notice the link to Sign Up.  You’ll be asked to create a new account linked to your email address.  After you have created your new account, you’ll be able to Sign In and take advantage of professional learning with no walls or time constraints.

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