Ordering AP Exams for Spring only courses

As you may know, an important deadline is approaching if your students are taking Spring semester-only AP courses. AP exams for your students enrolled in one-term, spring semester courses must be ordered by March 15, 2023. Courses that began after November 15 are included in this deadline. This is also the deadline to make changes to existing orders (click here for instructions and check here for additional deadlines). Unfortunately, even if your students are taking their AP course(s) through IOAPA, our team cannot place these orders for your school. Each school must order its own exams.

More information about this can be found on page 64 of the AP Coordinator Manual Part I. Here’s an excerpt for your convenience:

For Students Taking Courses That Begin After November 15
There’s not an option for a second-semester exam only section. You may have students from another school—for instance, a virtual school—who are taking an exam at your school but at the school they attend they’re taking a corresponding course that begins after the November 15 final ordering deadline. You may need to submit the exam order for these students after November 15.

In this case, the student should be enrolled in both:

  • The second-semester class section for the subject at the school they attend.
    The student’s Order Exam? status should be No for this class section.


  • The exam only section for the subject at your school. The student’s Order Exam?
    status should be Yes for this exam only section.

By being enrolled in both the exam only section and the second-semester class section for the subject, the late order fee isn’t applied if you submit the exam order for this student after November 15.

BEST PRACTICE: Make sure the student is enrolled in both the second-semester class section at the school they attend and the exam only section for your school before you submit the student’s exam order.

Following these instructions should ensure that schools are not charged fees for late ordering. However, to be safe you might reach out to Edmentum to ensure that your students are enrolled in MyAP on their end to fulfill College Board’s requirements. Note: It is also Edmentum’s MyAP sections that allow students to access the resources available there for their course.

Iowa Online AP Academy (IOAPA) is a partnership between the Belin-Blank Center and the State of Iowa to provide free access to 30 advanced online courses for Iowa students. This program is for Iowa students who would otherwise be unable to find these courses offered in their school district and therefore reduces geographic and resource-related barriers to success. IOAPA classes include Advanced Placement® courses for high school students as well as high school-level courses for eligible middle school students.

We also offer AP exam scholarships for IOAPA students! Keep an eye out for more information on the spring application process in the coming weeks.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us at ioapa@belinblank.org with any questions.

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