IOAPA Students: How Can AP Prepare You for the Next Steps?

Whether you’ve already taken an AP course or are preparing to take your first AP class, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of taking AP courses. However, you might be wondering what else your AP class can do for you after high school. The College Board’s AP Students website provides some helpful tools to guide you in learning about how AP applies to college and beyond.

Perhaps you have an idea of how your AP classes relate to a college major or career. Maybe you have no idea of what to major in yet. Explore your options on the AP Students website—you can search by career, college major, or AP course to see how your AP experience can work towards future goals.

  • How might your AP credits transfer to colleges?

If you’ve already received credit and are starting the college search, you might wonder how your AP classes will show up on your transcript. In addition, getting the most credits for your scores might be another priority. AP Students has an extensive list of colleges and lists which courses receive credit and how much your score matters. For example, by searching the University of Iowa’s credit policy, a score of 3 or 4 on the AP Music Theory exam gives you credit for one course, but a score of 5 gives you credit for two courses. Understanding how your AP exam scores might be applied can help you avoid taking duplicate courses in college.

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