Nicholas Colangelo on Anti-Intellectualism

Upcoming Webinar: Anti-Intellectualism & Other Challenges to Gifted Education 

Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D.  

April 4, 2013

Support for gifted and talented programs and services has not been consistent throughout history in the United States. One of the challenges is the continuous sense of anti-intellectualism, even though that same hostility is rarely apparent toward those who excel in sports, dance, art, or music.  Additional challenges have included a belief that gifted programs are “elitist,” and that talented learners will “make it on their own.”  The Webinar  (or DVD option) is required to enroll in the credit option; the online component will explore challenges to gifted and ways to advocate for programs essential for academic talent development.

Online registration is available at  Registration is for a computer; multiple individuals may watch the computer!  Limited to the first 50 computer registrations.

Credit Option Available:  7P:194:WKB Anti-Intellectualism & Other Challenges to Gifted Education (Laurie Croft, Ph.D.; April 11- May 2)

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