In Case You Missed It: IOAPA for Middle School Students

Over the last year, we’ve covered several different aspects of our new IOAPA program for middle school students. Our middle school program allows students in grades 6-8 to take high-school-level classes online while still in middle school. The classes provide high-ability middle school students with an appropriate level of challenge and also allow them to potentially complete prerequisites prior to high school, providing more opportunities for AP or other advanced coursework later on. The links below will walk you through how this middle school option works.

Do You Have Middle School Students Interested in IOAPA?

Recommendations and Suggestions for Middle School Programming

Above-Level Testing

Middle School IOAPA: One School’s Perspective

Working through Challenges (Part 1 and Part 2)

IOAPA Middle School Courses and State Standards

Assigning Course Credit


Learn more about IOAPA for middle school by visiting our website at

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